Mikołaj Kopernik – do you know these facts from his life?

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“He stopped the sun, he moved the Earth”, even preschoolers know this. And can you say something more about the famous Pole who changed our way of looking at the world? Find out about interesting facts from the life of Mikołaj Kopernik, a Polish scientist who is mentioned in school textbooks most often.


The fact that Copernicus studied in Krakow at the famous Krakow Academy (today’s Jagiellonian University) is well known, but did you know that after Krakow he studied in Bologna and Padua?

His education was possible at all thanks to his uncle. When Copernicus lost his father, Łukasz Watzenrode (later Bishop of Warmia) took care of his family and thanks to him, young Mikołaj was able to continue his education.

His education path is very interesting. Copernicus not only studied astronomy, but also medicine, law and mathematics.

Young Mikołaj Kopernik in Italy

The adventure in Italy did not end only with studies. Copernicus also did an internship there. In Bologna (where he studied), he met the astronomer Dominic Maria Novara, with whom he conducted Moon observations. He continued them on his own during an internship in Rome. This is where he created the heliocentric theory.

After studies and internships abroad, it’s time to come back to Poland.

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Life in Poland

When Copernicus came to his hometown, he worked for some time as secretary to his uncle-bishop. The reverend had plans to make his nephew his successor, which did not necessarily go hand in hand with the astronomer’s vision. Let’s be honest, he didn’t like this idea at all. So Copernicus left for Frombork, where, despite the vision of his uncle, he did not become a priest, but a canon. This title entitled him to perform certain ecclesiastical activities.

Did you know that although Copernicus did not have any special political aspirations, he made his contribution during the war between Olsztyn and the Teutonic Knights? It was he who negotiated the terms with them during the invasion of the Teutonic Knights.

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