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A. Ochman
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It all started with recognition of Polish scientists. You can read about their fate in the book “Academy of Superheroes”. But such heroes as scientists live and have lived in every country.

Unique portrait

“Academy of Superheroes” is a unique project. He is the first to talk about the fate of so many Polish scientists. Additionally, each of the more than 30 characters has a portrait. Physicists, chemists and naturalists are shown as superheroes. Their skills are the distinguishing attributes.

Why this way? Because in our opinion, they are the superheroes who really influenced the fate of the world. Discoveries or achievements of Polish scientists helped save human life and changed the course of history. Find out more here.

Not only from Poland

Outstanding scientists are the pride of every country. We are aware that not only Poles saved and still save the world. We also want to promote them. To start with, we chose 4 prominent figures from the Arab world. Meet them! Who else do you think deserves a place in the Superhero pantheon?

Muhammad Ibn Battuta

He was born in 1304 in Tangier (then it was Morocco). He became a traveler who traveled nearly 120,000 kilometers. On the tour, he visited almost all the then Muslim countries. He is considered the greatest Arab explorer of the Middle Ages.


Ahmed Ibn Majid

Poet, navigator and cartographer. He is often called “the prince of the sea”. Mājid was the author of almost forty works of poetry and prose, but also an outstanding sailor and navigator.

Ahmad ibn Mājid

Abu ‘Abd Allah al-Bakri

Al-Bakri was an Arab geographer, historian and philologist. There is, among others author of a multi-volume geographical dictionary of Arab countries. In one of his works, he included a compilation of descriptions of the countries of the Slavs.

Ahmed Ibn Majid

Ibrahim ibn Jakub

He was a traveler and merchant from Tortosa. His travels were probably related to merchants. However, during them he wrote down not only trade routes, but also information about family customs and religious relations.

Ibrahim ibn Jakub

Agnieszka Ochman

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