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It is worth remembering that Łukasiewicz was not only an explorer, but also a social activist!

Short biography

Apparently, he was not very effusive and spoke little, but he cannot take his stubbornness and diligence away. He didn’t break down when business didn’t go his way, and he was still stubbornly committed to his studies. At the same time, he was a very family man with a big heart. When he worked as an assistant pharmacist as a young scientist, he began to get involved in politics.

After graduation Łukasiewicz, as a young pharmacist, he searched for new opportunities and areas in which crude oil could be used. Research and experiments allowed him to extract kerosene.


Poland: where real superheroes come from – Łukasiewicz and his soul as a social worker

For Łukasiewicz, it was not only the profit that mattered. The refineries and mines in which he operated were not only a place of profit, but also a space for practical learning for new Polish specialists. Łukasiewicz has become a recognized international authority in the field of crude oil processing. This attitude did not come from nowhere. Even as a student, he disinterestedly helped colleagues who had learning difficulties.

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The soul of the social activist was manifested, among others, by in undertaking independent initiatives that were to make life easier for those around him. Among other things, he introduced a modern worker insurance system. He gave low-interest loans, and with his own money, he built another one to improve their quality. Łukasiewicz also financed the planting of orchards. He supported rural youth who were going to study and built many schools in different places.

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